Money Movement
for Global Businesses

Fractal Payments automates full-cycle of money movement for Global Businesses.
We provide a compliance-first solution for multiple currencies.

Trusted by leading global companies

Global Account
for every business

Open a USD account with Fractal and streamline your cross-border payments across 30+ currencies.

Streamline Cross-Border Payments

Open a Fractal Account and access fast & cheap cross-border payments across 30+ different currencies.

Seamless Top Up & Withdrawal

Move funds between your Fractal Account and your Bank within minutes.

Compliance Built In

Automate the full-cycle of money movement with a Fractal account, including initiations, approvals and compliance.

All your payments
in one dashboard

Manage invoicing, bill payments and salaries from one platform.
Save time on automating financial admin.

Create & Manage Invoices

Create compliant invoices, send payment requests to clients and track payments status of every invoice.

Pay Bills, Expenses & Salaries

Track, manage and pay your employees and vendors through our compliance-first platform.

Manage Clients & Vendors

Save time on managing your clients and vendors. Automate reporting and payment management.

Works across
Multiple Currencies

Compliance-first solution for managing your Global Business. Manage everything from payment initiation to reconciliations.

Multi-Currency Support

Run your business across multiple different currencies. Automated FX and multi-currency accounting included.

Digital Assets Compliant

Make stablecoin payments with your Fractal account or with your bank. Say goodbye to wallets!

Stablecoin Friendly

Settle your stablecoin bills directly with your Fractal or bank account.

Reconcile payments
in one click

Stay compliant and save time on financial reporting and tax compliance with our powerful integrations.

Connect To Xero or Quickbooks

Directly connect to Xero, Quickbooks or any other accounting software.

Invite Accountant

With Fractal you don't need an accounting! But you can invite one to manage and reconcile payments for you.

Get Real-Time Notifications

Save time on tracking payments with our real-time notifications.

Safer Payments
& Enhanced Security.

Advanced security, transaction checks and
insurance embedded in the product.

Bank-level Security

Safeguard data with top-tier AES-256 encryption, ensuring your information remains private and secure.

Transaction Validation

Trust every transaction with our rigorous validation process, confirming authenticity and integrity.

$3,000 Insurance

Coming soon: Eligible users will soon enjoy added security with our $3,000 insurance guarantee.

A lot more powerful features to help you save time & money.

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Global Compliance

Automate accounting, W8 & W9-BEN and global tax compliance.

Deal Tracking - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Batch Payments

Save time on batching and automating team payments.

Pipeline Management - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Stablecoin Friendly

Make stablecoin payments from your USD Account.

Reporting Dashboard - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Payment Notifications

Stay on top of your payments with real-time email notifications.

Meeting Scheduling - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Team Members & Approvals

Add team members and approve payments across team members.

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Payment Links

Send Payment Links to get paid and pay faster.


Integrate Fractal Payments with your existing financial apps and workflows.
Missing an integration? Let us know and we will build one for you.

Pricing for everyone.

Pricing designed for freelancers, businesses and enterprises.



$ 0.00 USD

Create invoices, send payment requests and track payments

Multi-Currency Support
Send Payment Links
Manage Clients
Reconcile Payments


$ 99.00 USD

Best for businesses and finance teams managing complex financial operations

Manage Bills & Invoices
Multi-Currency Support
Add Team Members
Reconcile Payments


$ 299.00 USD

Best for large businesses with more than 20 employees

Everything In Business
Advanced Analytics
Dedicated Support
Account Manager

Designed for all businesses & freelancers.

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Streamline payments across multiple currencies and stablecoins, enhances security of payment operations, integrate with your favourite payment and accounting tools.

Marketing Teams - Dataplus X Webflow Template


Manage all invoices in one place, get paid faster and reconcile everything in one click.

Support Teams - Dataplus X Webflow Template


Streamline accounting for your clients. Invite multiple team members. Manage different clients all from one platform.