Monerium enables fast, regulated onchain euro transfers and Web3 IBAN access


What does integration with Monerium enable?

Integration with Monerium enables a range of features designed to facilitate seamless and efficient financial transactions. Here's a concise summary of the core features:

  1. Onchain Fiat Accessibility: Provides access to fiat currency (euros) on blockchain platforms, making it available anywhere, anytime.
  2. EURe - The First Onchain Euro: Designed as the first onchain euro (EURe) to enhance fast, cheap, and global payments. The EURe operates as a turbocharged payment method.
  3. Fully Authorized and Regulated: The EURe adheres to regulatory standards, ensuring authorized and regulated transactions.
  4. Multi-Platform Availability: Available on multiple blockchain platforms including Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis, with cross-chain transfer capabilities.
  5. Web3 IBAN: Offers a Web3 IBAN for instant transfers between traditional bank accounts and web3 wallets. This facilitates easy movement of funds between offchain bank accounts and onchain web3 wallets.
  6. Compatibility with Popular Web3 Wallets: The EURe is issued as an ERC20 token, making it compatible with most popular web3 wallets, thus allowing for easy management of funds within the web3 ecosystem.

These features collectively enhance the interoperability between traditional financial systems and the evolving web3 infrastructure, offering a blend of reliability, speed, and accessibility in financial transactions.

Setup your integration

To set up your integration, please follow the following steps:

  1. Create a Bill in EUR currency
  2. Choose "Pay with Monerium"
  3. Go through onboarding
  4. Get your IBAN and make payments from your wallet


For support, please contact our CEO at

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